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  Heritage BandHERITAGE BAND

Formed in 2007, starting with three guys in a backyard with a ukulele and a set of bongos, they played just for fun with family and friends. Before they knew it, they were performing locally. With the addition of Hunter Dawson, a guitarist with a rock/alternative style, hip-hop drummer, RJ Hernandez, reggae-influenced bassist, Matt Moore, latin/pop percussionist, Dave Posey, and the smooth soulful vocals of Eric Yra, they bring both a flavor and appeal to the masses. They eventually started recording their original masterpieces, producing an authentic sound, which is now HERITAGE. Today, HERITAGE is sharing their passion and love for music on the Gulf Coast gaining ground quickly throughout the US and beyond.

  Johnny Dollar BandJOHNNY DOLLAR BAND

Johnny Dollar is on the bill at some of the largest festivals in the region, alongside such groups as The Impressions, The Stylistics, and The Tams. The band’s show blends R&B, soul, and rock. When they hit the stage, they remind audiences of a time when bands went all out to please the crowd and held nothing back. Johnny Dollar is “in it for the love of the game.”

  Sammy O'Banion & Mardi GrasSAMMY O'BANION & MARDI GRAS

Sammy O'Banion anchors this group with his distinctive vocals and style.  His exceptional talent earned him a standing ovation from his peers in the music business for his rendition of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" at the 1996 Cammy Awards.

  Spare ChangeSPARE CHANGE

Spare Change based in LaGrange NC, got their start in 2002 as a 4 piece band made up of a group of friends. Traveling throughout the southeast, this band grew into what is today one of the most sought after bands in their market. Spare Change has grown to be a favorite for Festival goers, Corporate Parties, Wedding Receptions, Nightclubs and more!  They energize every function with their diverse selection of music.  From Rock, Country, Beach, Funk, Rap and Classic Rock, Spare Change is sure to play a favorite of all persons attending.  They will definitely make your event one to remember.  With unique instruments from the mandolin to the violin, they seem to bring something refreshing and exciting to their fans.

  Dixie DriverDIXIE DRIVER

Dixie Driver is a phenomenal band that can rock any stage with original music and popular covers! They have opened for lots of national acts and have gained local popularity and respect through their hard work and love of music.  Boe Edens lead singer and founder of the band put it all together in 1992 and has keep the wheels on ever since. The band is based out of Sneads Ferry, NC with players from Wallace and Wilmington. With an upcoming CD in the works, Boe is more excited than ever to have such a great bunch of guys that enjoy what they do... making music, making friends and making memories up and down the road, bringing their music and attitude across the masses! "Dixie Driver has come a long way in 15 years, but it has been 15 years of paying dues, waiting on that chance, and honing a craft that will in due time pay off!" 

Dyversity is just as the name describes. Anything from classic/modern rock to country to rap/hip hop. Dyversity began around March of 2006 and took off very quickly playing clubs from Suffolk, VA to Atlantic Beach, NC. We cover a variety of different music to try and please everyone that comes out to hear us while also trying not to be the average band you've heard before. We pride ourselves on being somewhat different, so check out our dates and see for yourself.

  Ghost RydersGHOST RYDERS

Out of the darkness, a band has risen to fulfill your passion for drivin' HONKY TONK music. We call this band GHOSTRYDERS. On Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals is D.C. Linton from Possum Track North Carolina. DC, like many musicians, got his first influences in music from church. His father, being a very talented Gospel artist and preacher, taught DC the fundamentals of music and how to be a good person. He has done a fine job in both of these tasks and DC has made the perfect foundation for Ghost Ryder. If you want excitement in your life come and check out a show and "Pull an all Nyder with Ghost Ryder".

  Scearce & KetnerSCEARCE & KETNER

Greetings from our palatial mansion on the beautiful island of St. Ories. We are Scearce and Ketner, an acoustic duo from Swansboro, North Carolina. We perform your favorite songs by a wide variety of artists as well as original songs from our album "Abducted". We appear in restaurants, pubs, and clubs from Boston, Massachusetts all the way down to Key West, Florida.

  Jupiter JonesJUPITER JONES

Jupiter Jones is a party band based in Greenville, NC. Comprised of experienced former members of other local bands like Spare Change and The Victor Hudson Band, we play a familiar mix of rock from the 80's and 90's, country hits new and old, and a few other things thrown in for good measure. We're working hard getting this page filled up with pictures and sound clips, so keep checking back.


IRVINE was nominated for best NC Alternative Rock band by JNFE (Just Not Famous Enough) as well as
best breakthrough artist. Also in Dec. of 2008 the band was voted 1 on the local rock station 99.5 “the X” WXNR locals with the single “Tight Rope” off their upcoming “Can’t Control It” CD. A 3-track EP will be released in early March 09 due to fan requests, as a precursor to the full CD. Averaging a new meaningful rock song a month, the band continues to gain momentum. In Jan 09 beginning to receive air time on central and western NC
radio IRVINE continues on its quest to reach the masses with its hard driving sound, and to entertain with a whole barrage of covers from the very bands that influenced them.
  Selah DubbSELAH DUBB

Selah Dubb headed into a 2009 with heavy momentum and a focused mission. After recording four albums and heavily touring the Carolinas tallying over 120 shows in 2008, this funky right and tight trio had tough shoes to fill if they were to step up the pace in 2009. Wrapping up their Spring '09 Vibe Up Tour and Summer '09 Whirlwind Tour on the most high vibes, the rock steady crew has locked down solid support from friends, fans, and communities across the Carolinas. Swinging beats stronger than ever, Selah Dubb is preparing for Fall '09 Fun Never Ends Tour and recording their upcoming album, Dubbing on the Island. On the surface, the mission of the band is to spread unity and positivity. However, if one wants to delve deeper into the lyrics, messages of equality, consciousness, and empowerment are bountiful.


Bill Agans plays an assortment of music ranging from island music to rock.  Check out his website for more information.

  Shake DoctorsSHAKE DOCTORS

The Shake Doctors are out of New Bern, North Carolina


The Honey James Band has been around here in the triad since about the winter of 1999. It all began when Chris Holt and Jon Hightower of The Manestream Blues Band (what was once the house band for the Red Lion Manestream in High Point, NC) decided that they wanted to create something different. They embarked on a journey together to establish and maintain the most incredible band the triad area had ever seen. Slowly, but surely, that goal is being achieved.

This is not to say that the band has not had its share of difficulties during its time of birth. Honey James is very young in that it hasn't even reached the age of two yet and already they have endured through a name change, a bass player change, and even the loss of the original lead, the infamous Mr. Ron James. But the band has met these obstacles head on and managed to overcome all adversity in order to continue on their constant path of success, hoping they can ride their faith, their dreams, and their dedication all the way to the top.



Presence is a cover band based out of North Carolina. This band brings a lot of energy to every performance as they belt out hit songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today. With such diversity, this band rocks out the songs that make you want to sing and dance the whole night through! Presence loves crowd participation, so when they come to a venue near you, get up off your feet and get ready to have a good time!

Scott Blackburn (Rhythm Guitar/ Lead Vocals), Kyle Stuart (Lead Guitar), Jon Toler (Drums), and Wesley Dew (Bass Guitar).

Be sure to check out all of our videos from live performances at www.youtube.com/presencenc

On August 8, 2009, Presence was selected to play the Raleigh Downtown Live V.I.P. After Party for the Tonic & Marcy Playground concert. During the show, Presence performed Marcy Playground's 1 smash hit, "Sex And Candy," with Marcy Playground singer/songwriter John Wozniak.


  Backyard GrooveBACKYARD GROOVE

Backyard Groove is a musically diverse group guaranteed to put the groove in your seat and the funk in your face. Blues, Funk, Soul, and Rock and Roll, Backyard Groove has it all and plays with an enthusiasm for the music that makes it impossible to sit still!

Members of this group have shared the stage with Clarence Carter, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, The Embers, Coastline, Band of Oz, and The Showmen to name a few. Each member brings his own set of musical influences and flavor to the group, but it is the overall love of "feel good" music and love for entertaining that makes Backyard Groove an experience that you will want again and again.

So take yourself back to the feeling of stepping out into the backyard with your favorite songs echoing out of the house and surrounding your cooler and grill.
Take yourself to the Backyard Groove!


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